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Plumbing & Heating

Plumbing -

We undertake a wide variety of plumbing work whether it be, new installations or system refurbishments we can cater for all your needs. We offer a 24 hour out of hours call out service should you have an unexpected problem. All our work complies with the relevant water regulations and we have received very in-depth training in order to follow and comply with these standards.

HenmanDunn can accommodate for all your general maintenance plumbing requirements from fixing a leak, fitting you a new outside tap to complete bathroom installations.

Wet Rooms

We specialise in wet room adaptations. For some individuals a bath may not be suitable, a wet room can be an ideal solution to this problem. Doing away with your old bath, we can install a level access shower tray, which can incorporate a shower seat, grab rails and a non-slip floor covering.


In the unexpected event of a blocked drain please give us a call as we would be happy to help and are available 24-hours a day with no call out charge.

Central Heating +

HenmanDunn realise the importance of designing a central heating/hot water system to meet your individual requirements. We won’t just advise you to have one particular system or manufacturer as there are many various factors to take into consideration e.g. water consumption, immediate availability of hot water, budget and running costs.

In order to tailor a system to your particular needs and advise you of the most efficient, cost effective system. We offer a full advice, supply and fit service for your central heating and hot water system, whether it’s a complete system refit, upgrade or even alterations to your current system.

Combi Boilers

Combi boilers tend to be the more popular choice with our customers these days because of the ease of installation, small amount of room needed to accommodate them and the lower installation costs compared to a traditional tank fed system.

These are ideal to provide hot water to small/medium-sized properties, or where there is a low hot water demand. Hot water is instantaneous which means you can draw off hot water at any time but it does have its limitations as it can only cope with a single outlet at any one time.

Conventional Systems (Vented hot water)

Most people tend to think that this arrangement of cylinder and tanks as being ‘old fashioned’.

However these systems are ideal in areas with low incoming water pressure and they can be sized to cope with any hot water demand. Also backup can be provided via an immersion heater to supply your hot water should your boiler breakdown.

Pressurised Cylinder (Unvented hot water)

This is a similar arrangement to a conventional system but the cylinder is fed directly from mains cold water. This eliminates the need for a header tank in the loft.

They provide mains pressured hot water to multiple outlets e.g. bathrooms and en-suites simultaneously.

These cylinders come in various sizes starting from 125 litres to 300 litres depending on the amount of hot water required. They also have a quick heat recovery time, which basically means the time taken for the cylinder to re-heat a full tank of hot water is minimal.

This type of system can also be backed up with an immersion heater for unexpected boiler breakdowns.

Underfloor Heating

With the latest developments in technology Underfloor heating has become very versatile and can be installed with most floor types. It can greatly reduce your energy consumption as it operates at much lower flow temperature than traditional heating systems. The lower your flow temperature, the higher your systems efficiency. HenmanDunn can design a tailor made system to suit your requirements weather it’s a single room or whole house installation. This type of system also works very well with ground/air source heat pumps.

Power Flushing

Power flushing is extremely effective and can restore your central heating systems efficiency, by removing corrosion debris build up, which is a result of leaving your heating system unprotected. Oxygenated water causes the iron in radiators to oxidize which forms a thick black sludge. This sludge can cause blockages, increase the systems resistance and reduce heat transfer.

A Power Flush normally takes around a day to complete and is far more effective than traditional hot flushing methods.

Once the system has been cleansed, it shall be treated with a corrosion inhibitor to protect the system and prevent this problem reoccurring.

Heating Circuits

All radiator sizes are calculated to each specific room’s heat loss, taking into account the construction of walls, floors and windows etc. Thermostatic radiator valves are fitted with each radiator apart from rooms with room thermostats.

When a system has been installed it shall be balanced to provide maximum efficiency and equal heat distribution throughout each radiator.

Heating circuits can also be split into separate zones for example ground floor and first floor with both being controlled individually. This can help to achieve a higher SAP rating on new build projects.

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We accept the following payments:

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